Surya Subramanian
c. 1975 - 2000

We have no words, but to say that he is, and will ever be, our greatest friend and believer.

We met when he was the chief organiser at Crossroads, in 1997. A couple of months later, and ever since, he was a chief member of our core backstage group - the fire stunts, pyroworks, and lately, often as sound engineer after his recent 2 year stint in Australia studying the same. More than all this, a truly loved and mutually respected member of the band. The only one I have ever seen 'best friends' with half the band, and half the world he knew.

Surya GOD Subramanian

Surya Subramanian, or GOD, as he's known to many of us, left his earthly possessions this December 23rd. He met with a fatal accident on his way to Hyderabad from Pune to help us in yet another concert. And as was his way with expressions, GOD turned the full circle, just 2 days after our last performance at Crossroads.

His spirit lives in us, and in each and every life he touched.