Born : Delhi, 02 . VII . 1970
Height : A Tall Individual
Weight : 2000
Waist : one foot


Manager , plays the keyboard , synthesizers , truant and anything else you would or wouldn't imagine. He is the driving force behind the band... He drives them nuts !! He played for nearly all good bands in Delhi during the eighty's 'n ninety's and some even before and usually won the Best Keyboardist award . He got great antique value... too!

Currently using a Kurzweil K-2661 ... and a HAMMOND...YES A HAMMOND XB-2 SAID I...A REAL LIVE FEELINd SOUNDINd FUCKINd HAMMONd ORGANd {including the Leslie of course} & sometimes his brothers Korg Triton Extreme too.


Academic Antics...

Schooled at St. Xavier's Delhi
Graduated with College Color Honor from K.M.C.
- B.A., Delhi University


Employment Status...

Easily our most-employed man, with investments and interests in Artist Management, Laser 'n Lights and event production, a Music school, CD replication and a happy family.



Rockin' Roots...

Floyd, Pink, and only then any other color or sound or noise. And that's made most best by the very Aussie AC\DC, say'd he.