Born : Delhi, 24 . X . 1987
Height : 1800 mm
Weight : X minus 34000 grams
Waist : under that 6-pack



Drumming for a total of  less-than-you-can-imagine years and already an ex.. er.. active member of popular erst AND present Delhi bands : CYANIDE, SOAP, LEVEL9 and HALF STEP DOWN.. et alia. The parikrama truly begun for him...

Prefers Tama, hence owns a Stagestar custom kit taut with Remo Skins and an Iron Cobra pair of pedal, some Sabian, Zildjian, gazillion cymbals, and forty sticks, no mallets... and protein-shakes!

Pleased to welcome .. Our newest face and most ferocious set-of-limbs to flaunt.



Academic Antics...

Scholared at SpringdaleS, Delhi
Graduated from Sri Venkateswara College that lies in the
south of the University of Delhi

Employment Status...

Full Time Rockin 'n Rollin Machine.

Hobby : Healthy Food, only!
Interest : BHP & Air-Filters
Favourite Hang-out : Car-Mechanic's


Rockin' Roots being...