sONaM sHeRPa

Born : Kalimpong, 08 . X . 1971
Height : not many inches
Weight : machines refuse
Waist : not inches no more




Playing guitars since he was 9, blues harp since age 15 and the 'effects pedal' came only at around 21. Specialises in the Blues, Screaming riffs and some soulful slide work using a 9 volt battery(alkaline or dry), steel/brass/tin locks, broken glasses/bottles and a lot many more things BUT his prized $20 SLIDE which is, well, like that Scorpion song.. always somewhere..

Carl Martin

Currently uses Two GIBSON LES PAUL -a sunburst standard & a custom black 'Slash'- or regretfully-rarely his ESP & Epiphone(Les Paul's again!) + various Carl Martin custom fx + a what-else-but a Jim Dunlop 'Cry Baby' + a Talk-Box, E-bow, Blues Harps + any bloody-blaring amplifier.


Academic Antics...

Schooled at Kalimpong
Graduated with College Color Honor from K.M.C.
- B.Com., Delhi University


Employment Status...

Director, CEO and Proprietor of his very own Parikrama School of Music in the heart o' Delhi, Part time expressions are as music producer besides them regular sessions for albums, jingles, scores et al ... and early morning music lessons with 5 to 15 year olds, rest assured there's a future to rock'n roll... :-}


Rockin' Roots...

Ever been to the North-East in India?