Born : Delhi, 17 . X . 1972
Height : not right
Weight : sedate
Waist : what a waste







Our newest pain in the you-know-where of the angelic variety. Is best not heard practising (in "riyaz" as they call it), which is seriously rare. Has been trained, under his grandfather Pt. Joi Srivastava, in Hindustani Classical Music for a pathetic number of years. At barely 27 the little older boy 'could' boast of sessions with Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Hari Prasad Chaurasia and likes ... AND

... hold your gasps ...

Playing LIVE onstage with the "STING" Mr Gordon Summers "Sir" himself at a concert in Delhi last year

... if he would, that is !!


Employment Status...

Well, our man is a music producer of sorts, now with his vey Own 'TRINITY V Plus' and all. And with that classical background of his ... you should check out some of his work, which includes music scores for films, TV, Radio, Theatre and what else. An acclaimed instrumentalist, performs regularly at the All India Radio besides his oft conducted solo performances at national cultural fests, sessions for them likes of 'Pandit's & Ustad's mentioned here earlier besides his other fusion act called "MRIGYA" ... something on that later perhaps ... woa!! Here's one rockin' star...