Saurabh Chaudhry


SaUrAbH ChAuDhrY

Born : New Delhi, 24 . IX . 1980
Height : 72 inches above sea level
Weight : a mugful
Waist : nothing



He was 18 when he came first, to us that is.. looked more like 16, still does, for all it matter... He's the sweetest, smoothest, cleanest guitar in our arsenal.



Carl Martin

Uses a IBANEZ "JS" (for those who believe) or a Charvel Jasckson "Randy Rhoades Pro" starfish with all 6 strings always locked in tune and them thin Fender Picks or Plecks as you'd call them. Plucked from jaws of death metal, his shredding is ferrarisque and his blues, sublime.
His signature sound is derived from the following array

Carl Martin DC Drive,
Plexi tone,
Chorus XII,
Octa-Switch for effects switching,
Carl Martin Pro Power for effects power supply.

Along with the above mentioned effects, he also uses and abuses the following :
Boss MT-2,
Boss Acoustic simulator AC-3,
Boss Digital Delay DD-7
Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-5
Boss Noise Suppressor NS-2
Boss Phase Shifter PS-3

Boss Foot Volume FV-500L
Jim Dunlop Eddie Van Halen LTD. Cry Baby
Boss SX-700 time based rack effects,
Line 6 POD XT-Pro, Line 6 FBX foot controller

That's it!


Academic Antics...

Schooled at Chinmaya Viyalaya, Delhi
Graduated from
Delhi University
MBA'd from Symbiosis, Pune


Employment Status...

One-time Copywriter, Part-time Guitar Guru, Many-a-time Guitar teacher and a Full-time tune-seeker.. no sweat!!


Rockin' Roots...

That HEAVY metal, more metal, some metal & The Guitar "GOD" fallacy... and all that grew out of this phenome-man ;)