cHiNtAN the kaLRa

Born : Delhi, 9 . X . 1973
Height : Not much
Weight : A long wait
Waist : very little


Born musician, wannabe drummer, sometime producer, as also bass guitarist.. A-livin' since the 70's , an' that's what it's mostly like for him still. Writes too and so you read what you do here.. Uses whatever he can of an ESP F-255 - 5 stringer, and sometimes an Ibanez® SR 885 OR an Ibanez® Artist bass alongwith a LINE6 Bass Pod XT LIVE VERSION or the neat SANSAMP and also Samson® wireless units to facilitate strolls or jogs or back-stage smoke or pee breaks during concerts at schizoidly mothered institutions of learning... whatever!

Academic Antics...
Schooled at St. Xavier's Delhi
Graduated with College Color from K.M.C.
- B.A.(Hons.) English, Delhi University
Then spent about a year exploring the (un)reality at NIFT Delhi before getting employed at a couple TV channels and then some...

Employment Status...
Producer, Editor, Director for TV/Film/Video & Audio ventures - A heart-core computerist ... along the way concocting most all Graphic Art and design of p a r i k r a m a paraphernelia ... design & maintainence of a certain web site...and whatever he may get on to next ;)

Rockin' Roots...
Pink Pinker and Pinkest Floyd, then each o' them individually, Zep, Purple, Who? Beatles, Lotsa' Blues in Mayall, J.Lee H., Van Morrison, B B King... mmm... a good bit of Police/Sting, a lot of Southern Rock.. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Crowes, Allman Bros.... and Chemical Brothers.. even!


think floyd THINK FLOYD anyone!?