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but it rained...



.. or rather, why a video? well ...

- Formed in 1991, this is our 10th ANNIVERSARY we’re blowin candles and trumpets

- Some compromise ‘em music to get big video deals and then go play live
......we done there, been that .. so may as well do the video too!

- And like everything before this and till now, we thought we’ll show ‘em what can be done when you have spent 10 years truly believing in yourself.

The video has been concieved, scripted, shot (on FILM), edited and produced jointly by parikrama and DHIRAJ BANNERJEE, our director. We have realised our dreams successfully without a released album or label behind us. Yet nothing here could have been possible without a li’l help from these friends.

The Director
DHIRAJ BANNERJEE ... this hyper-charged NIDian, who is among Delhi’s foremost Ad-film-makers, let loose his scrap-book of imagination on his maiden music video (ours too). It was his spark, in fact, that ignited this whole process, and saw it through.

The Cast
SUSHANT SINGH, famous for his award winning portrayal of Durga Narayan Choudhry in Ram Gopal Verma’s JUNGLE, his other notable films being SATYA, JOSH, KAUN, AMBEDKAR etc. His latest work, 16 DECEMBER, is also due for release this month. We hereby crown him the FIRST Bollywood actor to star in a Indian band’s rock’n roll video sung in, ouch! English. HOWZZAT ??

AKANGSHA RAWAT is a veteran of sundry TV soaps, cereals ;o) commercials, print adverts et al. She had the most expressive face to a pair of seering eyes amongst the 80-odd we auditioned or the millions we could have.

PRINCY ... or JHANAK is just that. A jingle o’ bells, tingle o’rhymes and a non-stop chatterbox. Easily the BEST performer in the crew, she can dance, sing, emote, talk, play and question your existence all in one breath., and give a flawless shot in the second. She can already boast 3 years of high-profile modelling jobs with ICICI, DETTOL, MAX etc. at a wise 5 years of age.

PARIKRAMA ... the longest surviving, most travelled and best loved rock act in the country is rolling again. Like every concert and in the past 10 years, here’s another immaculate, all-out production that is our grandest effort to reach our biggest audience ever, personally.

The Location
Spiti Valley ... in the Himalayas. Now here’s another ... the FIRST music or any video shot in these parts. 12 hours from Rohtang Pass, it’s funnest on a bus with 50 onboard and no raods on a large part of the journey to get to this planet. No it ain’t nothing like Earth here.

CALL IT PROVIDENCE or nonsense ... my NIFT-mate ABHISHEK DAHIYA and his doctor brother were back-packing in exactly the same place a week before us. He's got some seriously divine 360 degree shots of the Spiti Valley that DEMAND a visit ... step this way please