The background to the song ...
The Song, Lyrics, some notes ...
The Recording of this song ...
Watch the Video Online ...
Here's how we did that video ...
Meet the backstage people, ones who made it all work ...

but it rained...

Yeah! We shot the video.
We shot it down.
And now that we're done with her 'tis your turn ...
to see it ... y'know !!

So AFTER ye've read the story, heard our song, seen the video - however small, click by on the MAKING of it all to fathom why and how we climbed 15,000 feet above our then sane heads. This could well serve as a guide to the ROCKy Spiti Valley in the Himalayas for some, or a pointer on how to manage a 50 strong crew over a 1000 kilometers of himalayas in 9 days and still produce 5 shooting days. Surf the menu for more details ...

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, here are the good great people who in thier various capacities were a part of this opus and hereby get this great grand T H A N K Y O U from us the parikrama.

NOT in alphabetic sequence ....

ANUJ SHARMA - our chief production manager - for all his help in Manali and the tour logistics and hotel bookings and transport and mostly for introducing us to a hoard of the nicest most humble and helpful people along the way.

BASANT GIRI for so many things, infact this whole trip wouldn't have worked this way if he wasn't a native, and such a f&^%in dude

DOC for his Vitamin C and Rum prescriptions

USL New Delhi for Top o'the Line recording facilities

And here goes the official Acknowledgements list

Recee team:
Mr. Ashok Bodh
(guide for the selection of location. Permissions etc.)

Mr. Roshan Bodh
(provided complimentary acco. For the recee team)
Aleo, Left bank, Mew Manali.
Ph: 01902-52856 Email:

Mr. Sanjay Kumar
(provided complimentary acco. for the shooting team.)
Hotel Premier
Model Town, Manali
Ph: 0-9816042715, 01902-52715 Email:

Mr. Gopi Ram
(provided complimentary acco. for the shooting team)

Mr. Roopu Negi
Hotel Mayflower
Club House Road, Manali
Ph: 01902-53050

Mr. Vinod Kumar
(Brother of Sanju Bhai for the bus.)

Gokul Kumar , Ghentuk , Raju
Local Transport in Manali:
Raju Kumar

Location at Manali:
Mrs. And Mr. Budh Ram (Tina’s Cottage),
Meher Chand (Red Cottage)

General help for props:
Angdu Kumar, Ashok Bodh, Sarita Bodh, Raju Kumar, Acharya Kumar, Beli Ram, Ashok Negi, Nitin Gupta and Sonia Gore (

Medical Assistance:
Dr. Gopal (Team Doctor), Mr. Rajiv Sharma (Everester),
Mr. Acharya Kumar, Mr. Sanjay Sood

Parents of the kids (in party sequence) :
Mrs. and Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Mrs. and Mr. Rajeev Sharma, Mrs. and Mr. Acharaya, Mrs. and Mr. Mahavir, Mrs. and Mr. Bushan, Mrs. and Mr. Ashok Negi

Labour from Manali:
Jeet, Narender

Deepest thanks to the Prince of Spiti for permissions.

more thank-you's brewing ...